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Red Apple Buzz

Web design and programming for Social Media Marketing and Web. Our focus is on delivering measureable and tangible results.

Business Design

Powerful and effective branded communications for  business. Dress up your communications for clients and customers. From strategy, writing and designing to production, distribution, sales and fulfilment.  

Social Media - Business

“Isn’t Facebook and Twitter for personal spaces? How is it applicable to my business clients or customers? How do I make money with social media? “

social media - personal

“Can I really win friends and influence people with social media?” Don’t get boxed in with dating sites, use discreet social media campaigns to build your personal brand while maintaining your privacy.


web Development

The web has many touchpoints. How does your website or online campaign reach out from your site and across the internet. Get beyond “brochure mentality”. Make sure your website is earning its keep.

banner ads

Banner Ad animation and development. Adobe Animate, HTML5 banners, including video. Go beyond the static. Animate your message, engage customers. Animate your bottom line.

Google services

Certified by Google. Including DoubleClick, Adwords, to YouTube. GSuite or Google Apps, to Google Analytics. 

boostED Facebook POsts and Promoted tweets

In other words, sponsored ads. They appear on everybodies Facebook page, Twitter feed and before your favourite YouTube videos. 

Google analytics

Know your impact to grow your impact. Is your audience mobile or desktop, Windows or Mac? Chrome, Safari or Explorer, sixty or sixteen?

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