Adobe Animate to a large degree was a rebranding of Adobe, shall I dare say it, Flash. And it worked. Some think of it as something new when to a very large degree it was exactly the same. HTML5 was in the earlier versions but getting the Ad Servers to change was a challenge. ¬†Thanks to Google banning it in September 2015, people were scrambling for HTML5 Animators. But since the rebranding, it’s all cool again. Save for the fact you now need to output Canvas based ad HTML5 ads and forgo the SWF. Check out the Adobe Animate application at Adobe. It truly is excellent.

The beauty of Adobe Animate of course is the excellent animation scripting language ActionScript 3. Plus you can load the awesome library TweenLite from GreenSock.

The beauty of Tweenlite is the ability to talk to all browsers with one script and not have to write all the CSS for all the browsers. The library translates a call to rotate something and speaks to all the browsers. You can focus on the animation and not translation.

Adobe Animate of course has excellent drawing tools and a great interface or IDE. Thanks to Greensock however, I can translate all my animation skills that use to be limited to just Adobe Flash to the regular webpage with the same gracefulness that I am used to. And with superior frame rates that makes animations smooth.

So it was all a good thing in the end. Those who developed animation using scripting now will continue to be rewarded as they should. Any animator needs to get past their insecurity with ‘code’ and learn to use a great library like Greensock knowing that most of the awards to animations on the web are won using this library. It’s truly brilliant.