The Facebook profile has been around since the beginning of Facebook. Originally began as a university site for student profiles. Making friends was an important aspect. Poking a person’s profile and Liking their posts was the currency. The number of friends is limited and keep that in mind.

Later came the Facebook Page for personas or politicians or celebrities. It’s where you promote way beyond your friend base to people you don’t even know. But they want to know you. There’s no limit to the number of Followers for a Facebook Page. And it’s totally ok to do business on the page. But most importantly, the Facebook Page allows you to keep your friends and your politics separate. Your friends and your business separate. Your friends and your alter ego separate. It’s where you can let your freak flag fly way beyond what your family might find acceptable or perhaps even interested.

So your personal profile is where you can relax and organize family events or friendship events. Celebrate birthdays and new babies. But Facebook frowns upon you doing business on your personal profile. It’s uncouth. Bad mannered. Inconsiderate and a social misstep.

There’s also groups too but I’m not going to get into that here.

Keep in mind that your family and friends don’t even have to know that you have a Facebook Page. You can open up a new Facebook Page and spend money boosting your posts to a target geography such as downtown from where you live. Perhaps you want to create a scene in Toronto’s beach district for a Transgender Singer Songwriter Open Stage on a Tuesday and you want the local Beach community to participate. Well then create a Facebook Page for the Toronto Beach Transgender Singer Songwriter’s Club that meets at a certain club on Tuesday nights. You create a post about the Open Stage and you spend $5 a week boosting that post to that specific gender and specific geography. Then only people who live in that neighbourhood who are interested in a Transgender Singer Songwriter venue will see your post. The rest of the world will never know. And even your friends may never know. Only Facebook members from that area will see your “Sponsored Post”. Your personal profile will be oblivious.

You want to create an Punjabi Artist’s Way Group that meets in Little India every Thursday night. But your friends are not really into Artsy Fartsy types nor are they into India Food. No problem. They don’t need to know. You create the Punjabi Artist’s Way Page and start your first post. Your post is about the Lahor Tikka restaurant and history in Toronto and and that you meet every Sunday at 1pm. You talk about the Artist Way too. Then you boost the post Targeting East York, Don Mills and Scarborough South. You spend $5 a week for 20 weeks and see what happens. Only those Facebook communities will hear about it and only those who like Indian food, culture and in particular, The Artist’s Way.

Again in both cases of an Open Stage and an Artists Way group spring up without touching upon your personal profile.

In addition, if you create a website you can drive people from your Facebook page to your website as well and create a mailing list.

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