Final File, “Made by freelancers, for freelancers”

Dave Orzakovski has launched Final File at Many freelancers produce digital works. This work is usually in the form of a final document that is zipped up and emailed. Getting paid afterward can be problematic and suck the life out of their endeavors to provide excellent service. According to FinalFile, the average payment turnaround is 52 days late. If the agreement with the client is 30 days, then that would be 82 days in total or nearly three months. Well to ordinary folks that’s just abusive. Everyone enjoys the reward of a paycheck for a job well done. Rather, it’s a cruel and unusual punishment for freelancers. I won’t go into great details regarding this despicable practice, nor name any name, but rather talk about this novel and unique service.

Final File promotes a healthy respect for freelancers

What I like most about this Final File’s service is that it provides a very professional face for collecting payment from clients. It legitimizes and validates the idea that freelancers should be paid in due course. There are project managers I know that just simply love to lord it over freelancers having them wait months for payment and stacking up the invoices. If you are a project manager that thinks this way, guess what? You’re an ass****. Own it. There’s nothing healthy about this kind of treatment to a valuable segment of society. What freelancers should be focusing on is providing excellent service and ever evolving their craft. Keeping up with the digital age is a constant learning curve. Let’s reward these wonderful souls. They’re just one person and making them work to collect money is not a good use of their time. Fortunately, most businesses I work for will pay you right away upon completion. They’re decent people. They’re healthy people. So to Dave Orzakovski, I say “good on you for taking a great stand for the sake of freelancers”.