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Short Pixel

Short PixelIf your site uses WordPress, ShortPixel Image Optimizer plugin gets you up and running in seconds, optimizing all your past images with a push of a button and all your new images automatically.   The SP-AI plugin analizes the pixel size of the image's...
Final File aides freelancers in getting paid

Final File aides freelancers in getting paid

Final File, "Made by freelancers, for freelancers" Dave Orzakovski has launched Final File at Many freelancers produce digital works. This work is usually in the form of a final document that is zipped up and emailed. Getting paid afterward can be...

Adobe Animate Rebrand

Adobe Animate Rebrand

Adobe Animate to a large degree was a rebranding of Adobe, shall I dare say it, Flash. And it worked. Some think of it as something new when to a very large degree it was exactly the same. HTML5 was in the earlier versions but getting the Ad Servers to change was a...

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